Monday, December 27, 2010

my hair smells nice.

so i went to straighten the upper part of my hair as well as cut my front hair in the afternoon at Michael's. my hair smells so nice that everywhere i turn to sniff, i smell my hair -_____-" and to be honest, i don't really like my front hair. why? because the fringe is too thin. it always has been and there is no way to make it thicker. sad much. and well, hopefully it'll turn out nice after i wash my hair on thursday. *fingers crossed*

you know, now that my hair's straight, i was really hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and realize that i've become super fair so i can go and dye my hair jet black. it'd be awesome. yes, i'm sort of in love with jet black hair on faired skin people at the moment. don't ask me why. i just like it. XD

and like one more thing, as you know, i'm having my "summer" holidays right now, it's already been a month since the holiday started and somehow, about 45 minutes ago, i suddenly had the urge to study. i actually wanted to go get a book and study. lmao i think i've been locked up in my room for way too long. not that i hadn't gone out or anything but still, this shows how bored i am. and since i don't really have any books around, i went to take my economics textbook and put it in front of me. which is also in front of the lappy. so, you think i'm gonna study now?

i actually have movies/tv series to watch but i'm friggen lazy. besides, sitting in front of the lappy all day really makes me ass flat. and i'm lazy to do the house works too. but i've been a good girl lately. i've vacuumed my room like more than three times in the past two weeks. *feeling accomplished* lmao

oh and one thing, wedding dinner on thursday! it's nothing special but i just felt like announcing it to the world. it's been ages since i last attended a wedding dinner and well, i was lucky to be invited to two of them this month(another one was in Brunei last week). and the good thing is that i'm sitting with my relatives/people i know during the dinner so it won't be so you know, awkward.

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