Tuesday, July 6, 2010

watched Teen Cribs on MTV just now and i must say those kids are effing rich. today they showed a dude, k.j. and hes like 18 years old(my age). his housemansion is like omfg-ly huge. i wish i had a house like that. *drools* (who doesn't? silly wish) what's more, that humongous house is right beside the beach. they even have a little path that connects the house straight to the beach. the view is so pretty. there's even a mini jacuzzi, swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, even a space beside the pool for a little football(not soccer) game. cool huh? then in the house, they have this media room to watch movies and a game room to play pool and poker. their bedrooms and toilets and living rooms are equally pleasing to my eyes. oh oh and i don't know how many stories is their house but they have a pretty elevator in the house! OMG OMG i so want an elevator in the house. they don't even need to take the stairs. that dude has a 15 year old brother and their parents look cool. and guess what the mum said at the end of the tour around their house? she was like "we want the best for our children. we want them to love our house, we want to give them good memories. their friends like to hang around at our place and im fine with it. at least they're hanging out with their friends at home, and it's better than having them facing the computer all day." i want a beautiful and comfortable home for my kids too in the future but i guess it's more than impossible. those are like multi-millionaires and they're living in America.

why are ang mohs so friggin rich?! i want to know whyyyyyyyy! D:

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