Friday, July 2, 2010

out out out.

it was a pretty tiring and hot day yesterday. went out the entire morning and afternoon. Regina came back few weeks ago but i only got to meet her yesterday. Siew was the driver of the day since i did not have any car to drive. went to alot of places, which started off at Siew's house and ended at Regina's house.

and i woke up a little too early in the morning. i woke up at 6am! D: the sun wasnt even entirely out yet. gosh but then i got to have breakfast with daddy and mummy. walao eh, so huai nian the times i used to eat breakfast with the two of them last time, especially on the days when i did not go to school. we had breakfast at the little stall at the roadside around krokop there. omg i love the kueh tiaw there. sooo yummy. daddy brought us there cause he knew i liked the place and i hardly ever have breakfast with them anymore lately. aww so nice of him hor? HAHA. anyways, about 5 minutes after we reached that place, a group of about 10 guys came. apuuuuuu these people, talk so loudly. one of them look okay lor but then his tattoos were ugly. LOL anyways, back to the story. so daddy dropped me at Siew's house at around 8.30am and we left to pick Regina and off to school. we went around the place looking for parking for so long. went round and round at least three rounds before finding a spot behind the shophouse, next to a dustbin =.= i mean like, of all the place, WHY BESIDE A DUSTBIN. @@ walao eh. if i was driving, i would've parked much nearer, or even better outside the school. who cares if im blocking anyone. just as long as its nearer and doesn't stink. oh and the competition was held at the basketball court. the place was friggin hot. AND I FORGOT TO APPLY SUNBLOCK! WTH how could i have forgotten such an important thing? ugh i dislike myself. and before the competition ended, i was already using half a pack of tissue so i went off to the Noodle House with Regina first to have a glass of drink. the others came right after the competition ended, which was like 20 minutes after we arrived at the kopitiam? 讲真,i kinda really miss this kopitiam. it brings back memories of the last few months of form 5. when we skipped assembly or during SPM, we would go over there to eat. and the Lemon Peng is sooo nice. i told the lady to add more lemon and it made the drink even tastier. wooooh ~ f.y.i. im not a fan of lemons, just lemon peng nia. XD but hor, the Teh C Peng wasn't that nice. :( should've ordered two glass of Lemon Peng instead D:

oh oh we went back to St Joe as well. and the first familiar teacher that i saw was Charlton Brian! still bald, still cute. OMG HAHAHAHA LOL we met some other teachers there too. but the weird thing was, when we went pass the classes, no teacher could be seen in any of the classes. O_O wonder where did the teachers go. it was around 11.30am when we finished our tour around the school so we went outside to try our luck and see if the car that sells lots of food and stuff at the opposite bus station was there and sad enough, it wasn't. so sad pls. T_T i was really hoping they'd be there cause i miss the lemon ice stick sooooo much. *sigh* no luck for us so we went to Tanjung and played for a while then head to Boulevard for lunch. after lunch we went back to Regina's place and hung around until about 4.20pm then we left.

and idk why i was sooo tired that i sleep very very early last night. then this morning i woke up with a hugeass headache. and until now(2.30pm) my head still hurts. gosh hope i'll recover very soon. i hate headaches :(

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