Wednesday, July 21, 2010

happy birthday christianne;

birthday girl in the picture above

remember how we met 4 years ago? time passes really fast huh? that time, you were in Form 3, me in Form 2. and now, 4 years later we're in University already. what's more, we're in the same Uni (but we hardly ever meet =.=). LOL but it doesn't matter. we still "see" each other in Plurk, well sometimes. just closing my eyes when writing this post, i can see the both of us in sunday school. i still remembered the first time we spoke to each other, that time your hair was tied in a ponytail and you passed me CH's school mag cause i wanted to find Wei Liang's gf. i also remembered how we used to always sms then halfway through, its either you told me you had to pass the phone to your brother or he suddenly replies saying you left. lol then it was LSS camp, we were in the same team. after that, you came into my class for sunday school and Uncle John (Mama Mary :P) was okay with that. oh oh and remember when we attended Fr Stan's youth rally twice, and also went for the joggerthon thingy? and also the thingy2 where we were waitresses with you bro? (Mr Pie! LOL) ahhh, all the good times. wait, do you remember all these things? you know what, you don't have to answer cause i know that 80% you don't. right? HAHAHA. typical you :D but still, its your big day today. hope you have a blast and all the best in life. you're already 19 now, old enough to be a mother le. so you better be more matured alright? be wiser and spend less, a good advice for you to get through your final teenage years. well, i suppose that's a not bad advice right? lol anyways, i wanna tell you that no matter how little we talk and if we do not see each other very often, i still cherish our friendship and i believe it's fate that brought us together. i mean, remember the friendster comment? (you're ___'s cousin? XD) hope our friendship will be like the ocean, you will never ever see it dry up. and once again, happy birthday melo :)

p/s: remember this picture? ;)


MeLo♥ said...

i lol-ed at the "its either you told me you had to pass the phone to your brother or he suddenly replies saying you left."

haha omg i can't believe u remember all the little details! haha and of course i remember all those things :D
especially the jogerthon where we walked thru the whole thing and got 2nd last and last place. LOL!!

then the LSS camp where i specifically remember i went TWICE. 2nd time because of you.. but somehow .. hmmm hahaha! can't reli remember whether i reli went thru all that suffering TWICE.

i admit the waitress thingy i forgot til you mentioned it! XD
but us meeting thru friendster, never! haha

what an epic beginning of a friendship. :P

thanks and love you, Vian <333

♥ V said...

you know, i lol-ed while writing that too. HAHA. and of course i remember. you're no ordinary friend of mine you know. you're special. and how we met was also special. i guess. LOL and i still believe that we're meant to be friends. i mean, you liking him, me being his cousin, your brother being my classmate. this is not coincidence. :)

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha. fate brought us together :D
and you being so friendly in real life also helped. hahaha imagine u quiet and shy like me, we both blush together nia. ZZZZ HAHAHAHA