Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kristen Stewart

I think Kristen Stewart's really pretty.

Look at her in the Twilight series. She looks awesome in every one of the movies. I haven't watched Eclipse yet but I'm sure she'll be looking pretty hot :) LOL I sound kinda lesbian-ish but I'm not. I'm just somehow kinda really attracted to her. She has a pretty face and I like her voice too! HAHA. I like how she looks in Twilight but then, I haven't seen her act in any other movies before. Well, I googled some of her pictures and there are some pictures of her with blonde hair, which in my opinion, is nice but doesn't really suit her. She looks much better being a brunette. Red, brown or black, she's pretty with those hair colors. Oh and did I mention that she has pretty eyes too? She's very fair as well and and she's got this stunning smile. *3 seconds of silence* Gosh, I realize that I've been talking so much about her and that makes me excited about going to watch Eclipse this weekend. Yeah, I'm somehow more excited to see her than the other two actors. But seriously, if I were to be a guy, I'd definitely have a crush on her. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, go take a look at the pictures below and tell me what you think.

Very pretty, huh? :P


MyCerita! said...

for the first time I saw her, She look like girl in comic book..


suhaisweet said...

Nice..My very da very latest.. Bahaya!