Monday, July 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

the FIFA World Cup 2010 is officially over. sad much. kinda regret not watching every single one of the matches. out of all 64 matches, i think i only watched like 5 full matches and the rest i just watched the replays or highlights only. well, regret also no use cause the next time i'll be watching it is 4 years later. so yeah, one month of football, ended just like that. pretty fast huh? and i haven't even finished enjoying droolingwatching the guys kicking it. a little too bad that the World Cup started about a week and a half before my finals. if not, i would've spent more time watching it. :(

i remember four years ago it was during camp that FIFA was going on and we were staying at Curtin Villa that time. i still remember the guys going nuts over Germany. yeaaaah, all i heard was Germany here, Germany there, Germany this Germany that. so all this while in my mind, when people talk about FIFA, the first thing that came to my mind was of course Germany. and i assumed that Germany was a strong team. guess what? i wasn't wrong. Germany was a strong team and it still is.

honestly, i haven't really been serious about watching FIFA until that very match between Germany and England. OH EM GEE! two strong countries going against each other? well, i like both teams but of course i supported England more. main reason is cause Beckham is there. *giggles* but then, Beckham was not kicking this year due to some injury. yes, its a very sad case but what can we do right? just hope that i'll be seeing him again four years later in his football tee. :D so okay, that night i sat on the couch and watched the entire match. everything was okay at first until Lampard was going to shoot and GOAAAAAAL *crowd screams* uh oh! *jeng jeng jeng* GOAL DENIED! wtf?! like hello, the ball went pass the line you blind referees. it just bounced out again and the goalkeeper caught it. BUT IT WENT PAST THE FRIGGIN LINE. DID YOU NOT SEE THAT? ughhh! my gosh, and after that lots of ngiao ji Germany supporters started to appear especially in facebook. wth? so ngiao ji for what? =.= and then i started to dulan Germany and their lansi supporters. and every game after that involved Germany, i was hoping the opposing teams would win. but sadly, one match after another, Germany kept winning. until last week, when it was going against Spain. at the 73rd minute, Puyol scored! wooooooo ~ i was soooo happy i was literally screaming and jumping in the living room. thank goodness noone heard me.

anyways, Spain won and were moving to the finals. NOT Germany. i was happy. then on the day of the Final match, which was like 9 hours ago, it was Spain against Netherlands. another team that i kinda disliked. why? cause they thrashed Brazil in the quarterfinals. soooo sad. so i was secretly hoping Spain would win when i told people i wasn't gonna support any team. but aihh, the results were out, and it's impossible for me to not have any reaction towards the match right? so yeah, GO GO GO ESPANA! :DD i was finally satisfied. i mean, first they thrashed Germany in the semi-finals and then Netherlands in the finals. i was indeed very glad. and yes, i was screaming and jumping again in the living room and nobody heard me. i think XD

and now its finally over. no more FIFA until the next four years im not really a fan of football but it was all worth watching. i got excited, disappointed, nervous, and dulan throughout the FIFA season. and i also gained some benefits from watching this football. wanna know what it is? well, its obviously that i get to drool over so many hot guys. XD those footballers are omfgly drool-able. i mean some of them. there are lots of cute ones but my three favorite ones Kaka, Beckham and Gerrard. OMG hot hot hot *drools* BUT sad enough, all three of them are married. D: sad daooooooo. why are most of footballers married? whyyyyy? not only them, Villa and Torres are also married, and Ozil is engaged. no need to say the footballers that i like lah hor. even footballers like 21-year-old Muller got married last year. D: apuuuuuuuu ~ :(

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♪abel said...

hey...england's overrated k ;p

btw you didnt miss much on the final, it was really boring but I was glad spain won, the way the dutch played dont deserve to win at all.

And there's euro cup in 2 years time, more footballers for you to drool haha.