Friday, July 30, 2010


can you hear the sound of my heart breaking?

i should be moving on, not sitting here and cry about the past and what it did to me. to be honest, his presence and absence has made a huge impact in my life. no, the "he" that i'm referring to is not my boyfriend, and neither is he my ex. he was just a really close friend of mine. we were like inseparable. well, we were physically about 4900 miles apart but never failed to talk everyday. he would always be there for me, to comfort me, to make me laugh, or just keeping me company. something that i can admit, not one of my friends from before until now could ever do. and i guess that's why he was really important to me. but one particular day two years ago, everything changed. he walked out and moved on; i stayed back and held on. i couldn't bare to let go, even until now. somehow some part of me is still holding on, and i don't know why. but there were so many occasions that led me to believe that most, if not, all the things that he said before were all lies. the long talks, his story, the promises. nothing was real. but as sad as i am, i should just forget about everything. it's really hard for me, i mean two and a half years. it's not easy but these things take time right? :\

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