Friday, April 16, 2010

五月天 vs S.H.E.

these two Mandopop titans will go head to head with each other on their concert held in Singapore on the same night. yes, you saw it right. both Mayday and S.H.E. are holding concerts in Singapore tonight but in two different places.

A spokesman for S.H.E's record label H.I.M International Music told The New Paper that all 8,000 tickets for the concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium have been sold.

Mayday will be playing at the nearby National Stadium.

And more than 90 per cent of the 15,000 tickets have been snapped up, said Ms Lim Ai Lian, a promotions executive with Rock Records - the band's label and the concert organiser.

Tickets for the S.H.E concert went on sale on Jan 22, and those for Mayday a week later.

Ticket prices for both concerts range from $88 to $168, but Mayday has a special $38 category for students.

Coincidentally, a stretch of the Circle Line opens that day, offering a new public transport option for some 20,000 concert-goers.

Ms Koh San Chin, a marketing manager with Unusual Productions, the event organiser of the S.H.E show, told The New Paper there were 'initial worries' about ticket sales.

"After all, it's the same Mandopop crowd both sides are targeting," she said.

"It's quite unfortunate...but I believe if given the choice, none of us would have wanted it this way."

But S.H.E has a 'good track record', she pointed out. 'The girls' last show here three years ago was a full-house one too.'

Ms Lim believes Mayday's show would also have been sold out long ago, if it had not been for a switch in venue two weeks ago.

The concert was moved from the Padang, 'opening up more seats for fans'.

This was to accommodate 'a three-tonne Transformer robot- that is part of the band's stage effects.

The Taiwanese quintet is the first group in a decade to perform at the National Stadium.

As for the clash with the S.H.E gig, Ms Lim explained that due to the band's hectic schedule, there was simply no alternative date.

But is the Mandopop market big enough to accommodate two gigs on the same night?

Yes, said Ms Rina Leck, assistant manager with record label Universal Music.

source : Asia One


anyone going to any of the concerts? lol i'd really like to know how things will turn out for both concerts. i mean, its really cool to attend the concert and stuff but problem its, theyre both on the same night. now that is something that doesnt happen very often, no? *wonders*

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