Friday, April 2, 2010

should we suffer today as well?

i feel like sharing his pain.
all of a sudden i started thinking,
all the times ive been complaining about feeling helpless and that my life's messed up.
its all very true but then i thought,
what about Jesus? what about his sufferings?
honestly speaking, all my problems and troubles cannot be compared to his.
if i did, mine would only be a speck of dust, nothing more.
and then i thought again, what have i done in this 40 days of Lent.
one word, NOTHING.
i feel so disappointed with myself.
i remember on the 3rd week of lent,
i only realized that it was already lent.
and at that time i have told myself to pray and fast.
but did do it? heck no.
wth is wrong with me?
now im really very hopeless.
even a simple little thing like fasting and praying also i cant do.
im really not worthy to be called a Christian.
and the other day we watched Passion Of the Christ in church.
the last time i watched that movie was around 2-3 years ago,
so when i watched it again,
i started to think again.
Jesus had done so much for us yet we still continue to sin.
our Savior, He died on the cross for us, for all 6 billion of us.
if i ask, will you die on the cross just to free every single human on earth?
what will you say? what will your answer be?

Holy Thursday, the last supper

*sigh* :((

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