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Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei 超人不会飞 by Jay Chou 周杰伦 is out!

Jay Chou's new song, 超人不会飞 is awesome. when i listen to this song, i'll feel calm. it gives me the relaxing feel and i love the chorus :) well, this is his first hit off his 10th album(YES, FINALLY!) The Era, 跨時代. actually, this song describes his 10 year journey in the entertainment industry and i like how his front hair is up this time. no more fringe. haha but sadly, the official MV isnt out yet though. but no worries i'll upload the real video once it's out :)


各方意見讓人疲憊,壓力大但不能流淚 超人周董還要繼續飛

天王周杰倫一舉一動均引起華語樂壇騷動,2008年發行【魔杰座】專輯,順利獲得金曲獎八項入圍肯定,並拿下三項大 獎,成績裴然。在廣大樂迷引頸期盼將近兩年後,周杰倫終於要在今年5月推出個人第十張全新音樂大碟,『只想聽音樂Hit Fm聯播網』更是搶先全球,將在4月26日早上10點完整首播新專輯首波主打歌「超人不會飛」第一時間與聽友分享周杰倫的最新創作,千萬別錯過了!

主打歌「超人不會飛」 自嘲好人好事代表 需接受眾人檢視
就算壓力大 仍堅持硬漢形象 因為「超人不能流眼淚」

新歌「超人不會飛」,由周杰倫填詞譜曲兼製作,以抒情曲風緩緩唱出出道十年心路歷程與感慨。歌詞中談到自己帶來的社會以及音樂現象,更自嘲自己成為好人好 事代表,需接受眾人檢視,自然散發出獨特的周式幽默風格,令人會心一笑,周杰倫表示「一般帶有批判意味的歌詞都會用重節奏或饒舌曲風包裝,但我就是要用抒 情曲風帶給大家全新感受!」
歌名「超人不會飛」,自嘲沒有特異功能的周杰倫,只有夢想與堅持去做音樂!沒想到他的歌曲可以變成學校教材,他的一舉一動都變成社會榜樣,每個人都在幫他 計算收視率、票房與獎項,他的形象、表情、言行舉止、甚至開的車、住的樓,還是專輯有沒有奪冠?電影有沒有創下高票房?通通被挖出來仔細檢驗,如同歌詞所 說「媽媽說很多事別太計較,只是使命感找到了我,我睡不著。」,他也不禁大唱「我到底是一個創作歌手,還是好人好事代表!」周杰倫表示這樣的生活難免覺得 累,也需要呼吸空間,但歌詞同時也透露「不要問我哭過了沒,因為超人不能流眼淚!」依然展現十足鐵漢個性。
新歌MV首度與珍藏蝙蝠車合體 大梳油頭、穿皮衣,戴上黑框眼鏡
周杰倫為新歌打造周式超人形象,梳油頭、穿皮衣,並帶上黑框眼鏡,酷勁當中散發迷人氣質,而珍藏的蝙蝠車這次也正式與他合體亮相,「超人」加上「蝙蝠車」 打造英雄混搭風格,創意百變。
「超人不會飛」MV陳述一段「平凡英雄」的感人故事,描敘平凡男子帶著一顆善良的心,天天日行一善,直到有天與女主角巧遇,迸出精采互動情節。不過這次周 董不是MV男主角,而是以說書人的腳色唱著這段與歌詞意境相當貼切的感人故事,周杰倫相信這支MV可以鼓勵許多平凡人有勇氣變身英雄,為社會、為自己創造 出更多無限可能性。

『只想聽音樂Hit Fm聯播網』 4月26日早上10點 全球首播「超人不會飛」
『只想聽音樂Hit Fm聯播網』引領全新音樂潮流,為搭配天王新歌首播氣勢,聯合內地MusicRadio音樂之聲以及City Fm城市之音、馬來西亞MY FM、新加坡電台1003、加拿大中文電台、洛杉磯AM1300中文電台進行全球首播,台灣聽眾4月26日上午十點起鎖定Hit Fm,就能領先全球完整聆聽天王周杰倫全新單曲「超人不會飛」。線上收聽請上。Hit Fm聯播網,北部FM107.7、中部FM91.5、南部FM90.1。熱情PLAY,只想聽音樂!

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"Superman Can't Fly", describes his 10 year journey

Every move heavenly king Jay Chou makes stirs up excitement in the Chinese music industry, in 2008 when he released his album "Capricorn", he won the acknowledgement of 8 GMA nominations, he won 3 big awards, his results were great. After nearly 2 years of fans anticipation, Jay Chou is finally releasing his 10th new album in May this year, "Just want to listen to music Hit Fm online network" are premiering it worldwide, they will broadcast the first plugged song "Superman Can't Fly" from the new album on the 26th of April at 10 to share Jay Chou's latest work with all listeners, don't miss out!

Jay Chou wrote the melody and lyrics for the new song "Superman Can't Fly" as well as producing it, in a lyrical style he slowly sings about his 10 year journey. In the lyrics he mentions the phenomenon he has brought to society and music, he mocks himself for becoming the representative of good people and good deeds, he needs the greater public to review him and then naturally he can bring out his unique Jay humour style and make people smile, Jay Chou expressed "Generally lyrics that have some intent on being critical use heavy beats or rapping to package it up, but I'm using a lyrical style to give everyone a new feeling!"

The name of the song "Superman Can't Fly", mocks Jay Chou who doesn't have any special abilities, he only has a dream and persistence to make music! Who could have thought his songs could become educational material, every move he makes has become examples for society, every one is helping him count up the ratings, box office and awards, his image, expression, words and actions, even the cars he drives, the apartments he lives in, or his albums, what isn't top? Has his movies set new high box office records? All of it has been dug up and examined closely, for instance the lyrics say "Mother says don't take things too much to heart, it's just a sense of duty that finds me, I can't sleep.", he can't help but sing "At the end of the day am I a singer-songwriter or a representative for good people and good deeds!" Jay Chou expressed it's inevitable that you'd feel tired of a life like this, you need space to breathe, but the lyrics also reveal at the same time "Don't ask me if I've cried before, because superman can't cry!

ay Chou made a Jay style superman look to go with his new song, he gelled his hair back, wore a leather coat and put on a pair of sunglasses, he's cool but has an enchanting temperament, the bat mobile he has collected has also made it's official appearance with him, "Superman" plus "Bat mobile" creates a mixed hero style, such creativity.

The MV for "Superman Can't Fly" narrates a moving story about a "ordinary hero", it talks about an ordinary guy who has a kind heart, everyday he does something good, until a day when he meets the leading female, an exciting interaction. But this time Jay Chou is not the main star of the MV, but instead he sings the lyrics that match up with this moving story, Jay Chou believes this MV can encourage many ordinary people to have the courage to become heroes, create unlimited possibilities for society and themselves.

"Just want to listen to music Ht Fm online network" is leading the new music trend, in order to match the new song of the heavenly king, they are working with MusicRadio and City Fm, Malaysia's MY FM, Singapore's 1003, Canada's Chinese station, Los Angeles' AM1300 Chinese station to broadcast it globally, Taiwanese audiences should stick on Hit Fm at 10am on 26th of April, you'll be able to hear heavenly king Jay Chou's new single "Superman Can't Fly". For online listeners please go to Hit Fm online network, North FM107.7, Centre FM91.5, South FM90.1. Passionate PLAY, just want to listen to music!

Source: Jay Chou Studio

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