Sunday, April 4, 2010

boulevard of broken dreams.

did you know how much i wanted to see you? did you know that when my mum said she wanted to go there, i got so excited and tried to look my best before going? did you know that while i was there, my eyes couldnt stop looking around? did you know how much i missed the times at the pesta when you were there?

so many did you knows but in the end, i doubt that you'll ever know. somehow, i just cant seem to let go of the past. i really really really miss the past. not everything in the past but just that short period of time before chinese new year. in that short period, i learned to love life and say "life's good/im loving life". a thought that would never have crossed my mind, words that i would never speak. & before i end this post, this picture below is for you.

i hope you understand :]

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