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stop child abuse!

was browsing through facebook when i came across this group. its about child abusing and the name of the group is "In memory of Su Li: five year old girl tortured to dead by her mother". by looking at the title you already know that its horrible. i read the contents and my heart aches at every sentence. its really sad to see mothers abusing their own biological child. how could they? i mean, carrying it in your stomach for nine months and giving birth isnt an easy task, how could you abuse you own kid? below is the description i stoletook from the group.

This is a true story that happened in China in 1993. This is one of the most notorious child abuse in China. Five year old Su Li was tortured to dead by her mother at her house. Not only her mother was mistreating and abusing her, her father and older brother were also involved. She didn't live a day without the beating and torturing- mainly from her mother. She suffered through many horrid methods of tortured. When an autopsy was done, not a single piece of skin from her body was clear besides the soles of her feet, it was either bruised, cut, or scarred. Due to the different length of Li's hair and some missing hair, they had discovered that most of Li's hair was pulled out by her mother. Her mother was sentenced to prison for only SEVEN years and now she is a freeman.

-just to keep in mind that child abuse is happening in every country not just in China.

(I didn't write this story myself; I am only responsible for translating this story to English to share with everyone and in memory of little Li)

This is a true story that happened in China about a bloodcurdling child abuse. An innocent five year old little girl died under the hands of her cold-hearted, immortal mother. She was tortured to dead by her biological mother.

In 1/18/1990, a frightening news shocked the Qing Hai’s neighborhood that a mother sewed her three year old daughter’s lips together with a needle and thread, and forced her to stand on her knees for hours just because the three year old stole and ate the chicken food. (so her chicken is more important than her own daughter???)(from what I have read from the article, she treated her chicken better than her daughter)

In 3/2/1993, ungracefully thin and rawboned su li was hiding in the corner of her house looking envyingly at her older brother, who is one year older than her, with their mother holding him and adoring him.

“mom, we haven’t had meat in a while. When are we having some.” chubby sui cao asked--both children are her own, but ever since sui cao was born, he had been adored by every member in the family and had been treated as the “little king.”

“wonderful son, come on, let’s go buy some meat and I’ll make you sweet and sour pork for lunch.” the mother answered happily and kissed him on his chubby cheek. Without looking or even glance at Su Li in the corner, she locked the front door and left with her son.

Little Li walked sadly to the front door and looked through the little hole on the front door and watched her mother as she adored Sui Coa. She cried after seeing that moment, but when she saw the next door lady walking toward her door, she quickly begged “ zhi auntie, Li Li is hungry!”

Ms. Zhi look at the front door and noticed it had a lock, she bend down and look through the hole on the front door and saw Su li’s face was full of tears and blood. Suddenly, she felt heavy-hearted for this child. she signed and asked “ Li, did your mother hit you AGAIN?” Lee nodded her little head. Ms. Zhi’s eyes was filled with tears and quickly went inside her house.

Li heard the footstep of Ms. Zhi going inside her house, she ran hurriedly to the window and held her hands on the window bars. She tip toed to look out the window and waited patiently. Not too long, Ms. Zhi came to the window and handed her a piece of bread through the window bars. Ms. Zhi watched Li as she finished the bread with few big bites. Ms. Zhi sighed with worries and patted Li’s little head with sorrow.

Li’s mother and older brother came home with the meat that they brought from the grocery store. Li stared hungrily at her older brother as he eats his ice cream. Li licked her lips wishing that she could have a lick of that ice cream.

“get to the side!” he yelled and slapped Li’s face. Looking at her mother’s angry face, she quickly moved aside to her little corner. She sat down in her corner and bowed her head down with her eyes filled with tear and sorrow.

While her mother is cooking the meat in the kitchen, Li sat in her corner hungrily as the smell of fried pork passed her nose. Soon, the whole house was filled with delicious smell of pork, but Li knew she was not going to have any. She is now five year old and had never felt satiated.

While Li’s mother went to the bathroom, Li used that chance to go to the kitchen hoping to steal a bite of that pork because she couldn’t stand anymore of the hunger and the smell of the pork. She walked quietly to the stove and took a deep smell of that fried pork. Then, she slowly grabbed a spoon to scoop up a tiny piece of that pork; her hand was shaking as she moved that scoop of pork closer to her mouth, she blew the hot air off that piece of pork and quickly put in her mouth. It was the best pork she had ever tasted, she licked her lips and decided to get more…

“stupid girl, you are so dead!” Li’s mother yelled on top of her lung and it sounded just like thunder. Li was so terrified that she dropped her spoon down to the floor. Her mother grabbed Li’s hair and started beating her head against the wall--to Li, this was very normal, long term experience had told Li that if she cried out loud, her mother would torture her more and longer, so she cried quietly and tried not to make any sound as she cried.

Li’s mother hit her for hours and ran out of breath, but the anger was still there. She sat down on the floor to rest before she strikes again. Suddenly, her mother had a new idea of torture Li for stealing that piece of pork. She looked over at the stove and saw the smoke coming out of the pot. She grabbed Li’s hair, forced her to lifted up her head and placed a washcloth under her neck. She placed Li’s little body between her legs so that she couldn’t move . She opened Li’s mouth and poured down the HOT, BOILING oil down to her throat.

Li had never cried out loud like that before in her short life. White smokes were coming out of her mouth and her chin was burned as badly as her mouth. Insanely, Li’s mother didn’t stop, but continues to pinch Li’s mouth to stay open so she could finish pouring her pot of hot oil. No matter how hard Li tired, she didn’t escape from the sickening tortured. Blood from Li’s mouth were dripping on the kitchen floor……

That night, while her parents and her old brother were having dinner at the table, Li was like usual, went to the diner table with her little bowl and asked for some food. Her mouth was all fried looking red and black and swelled due to the hot oil burned, she tried so hard to make a sound “wonderful mother, Li Li wants some rice.” Li’s mother didn’t even wait for Li to finish her sentence and hollered at her “we don’t have any food for you today, see if you’ll steal again!” without a glance at Li, she started eating her fried pork.

Li was so upset, she walked step by step to her corner and sat on the cold hard floor. She used her filthy hands to touch her painful mouth and chin. Li started crying to herself.

Second day, third day, and fourth day went by. Li didn’t eat much. On the fifth day, she had really bad diarrhea. Li’s mother didn’t take her to the hospital instead she started beating Li and scolded her “stupid girl, you deserve it, how could you shit some many times a day!” after she finished yelling, she took Li’s pants off and started hitting her on her butt and thighs with a bamboo stick.

At night, little Li’s body was covered with bruises, cuts, and burns. It was so painful that Li couldn’t sleep, but cried. Her father was leaving state to go back to his work. As a matter of fact, even if her father was at the house, Li couldn’t escape the beating and the starvation. Sometimes, her father beats her worse than her mother. What Li hoped the most is for Grandma Zhang (the state sent Zhang from “Children and Family” to check up with Li since they have numerous records and EVERY neighbor had scolded Li‘s mother for abusing Li) to come and visit her. Every time Grandma Zhang comes over to Li’s house, she always brought treats for Li and care for her by asking her many questions regarding her health and feelings very similar to what her mother would ask and do to her older brother. But Li was afraid to answered any of the questions Grandma Zhang would asked her because her mother would stared dead in to Li’s eyes like she threatening Li to not speak or else! All Little Li could do was look at Grandma Zhang’s merciful face and grateful of her coming to visit her. (what I don’t understand is how could Ms. Zhang not see the bruises and stuff?? So I was thinking maybe she warned her mother about it or another possibility was that Li’s mother lied about the bruises and burns??)

Little Li was thirsty, so she walked to the living room. “wonderful mother, Li Li is thirsty, can Li Li have some water?” begged Li. Meanwhile, her mother was watching the TV and yelled “god, you are so troubled.” as she was complaining, she handed the half glass of water to Li. Li only drank a little bit because the burnt from her mouth and the sore from her thighs were bothering her so she had to set the glass on the table. Suddenly, her mother slapped her on her cheek and scolded “ stupid girl, looking for some troubles, aren’t you?" She got up and glabbed by Li's shirt and dragged her to the corner. She left and came back with a hand full of bamboo sticks then, she started beating Li with it. After she's done with her beating, the bamboo sticks was covered in Li's blood.

Li held her cheek and laid on her bed. She fell asleep with tears in her eyes. Around ten o’clock, while she was sitting on the toilet, all of the sudden, she fell down and hadn't even finish what she was going to say. There she was on the ground with her eyes wide opened like she hadn’t finished exploring this world and her mouth opened wide like she still had a lot to say. But, she will never see this world again nor will she ever spoke again….

Poor Li finally stopped suffering. Li’s mother was afraid that people might know that Li was killed under her hands so, she quickly took off the torned clothes from Li’s dead body and replaced with new clothes that Li wanted to wear, but wasn’t allowed to wear when she was alive. But, bruises and cuts can not be hidden nor can her hideous and wicked heart.

When an autopsist examined Li’s dead body , he couldn’t believe his own eyes: five year old child who is not even 95cm long, you could easily see her bones covered by a thin layer of skin including her butt. She didn’t have ANY fat in her body. weight less than 25 pounds. Her hair had different length and was very thin because a lot of the hair was missing. There was not a piece of clear skin on her body parts besides the soles of her feet. Some parts of body were rotted, her mouth and chin was burned where the skins are rotted. Her fingernails and toenails are terribly bruised which had already turned black. Even her genitals parts are covered with bruises and cuts. At her house, the investigators had spotted a small, thin piece of baby blanket in the corner which was covered with blood. Who would believe that it was Li’s own mother who had murdered Li???

When Grandma Zhang heard the news, she broke down and cried. She couldn’t believe Li would die under the hands of her own mother.Grandma Zhang had remembered the time when Li’s mother sewed Li’s mouth together with a needle and yarn.

It was 12/10/1990, next door neighbor lady, Ms. Ma,
went to Li’s house to borrow some phone wire. right when she walked into Li’s house, she saw Li, standing on her knees on a wooden board. Li’s mother quickly covered the scene with her body so that Ms. Ma wouldn’t see what she had done to Li. Ms. Ma had heard about the rumor about how Li was suffering massive abuse from her mother. And Li’s mother seemed very suspicious like she was hiding something. Ms. Ma quickly pushed Li’s mother to the side and she was shocked! She saw three year old Li’s mouth was sewed together with the yellow thread and the blood was dripping down to her neck and the thread was knotted on the side of her mouth. Li’s face was covered with tears, even her shirt was wet from her tears.
“you, what do you think you’re doing?” seventeen year old Ma was revolted and couldn’t watch anymore, she was so disgusted that she couldn’t even speak anymore.

“that stupid girl stole the chicken food, do you have any idea that the chicken food could get her sick? So I sewed her mouth to teach her a lesson, that way she won’t do it again!” Li’s mother said it without any guilt. “don’t tell anyone, I will take the thread off right now.” after she finished telling Ma, she went over there and ripped the thread off Li’s mouth, but the blood didn’t stop bleeding.

Ms. Ma was disgusted by this frightening scene, she ran home and cried in her bed. When her family asked what went wrong last night, she was filled was anger and told her family about what Li's mother did to Li. Ma's family and Ma reported this incident to the children and family center hoping that they could do something to stop Li's mother from torturing Little Li.

It was then when Grandma Zhang had to check up on Li. The first time Grandma Zhang had met Li, Li looked malnutrition, her neck was bruised which you could see that someone had choked her. Her nose and face was full of bruises. From her upper and lower lips you can easily see the bloody holes. Saddest part was that, it was winter(they didn’t have heat back then)
Li was only wearing a torned up shirt and pants. When Grandma Zhang took off her sandal, she noticed that her feet were frozen to which had turned purple and swollen. Grandma Zhang was trying to take off her filthy socks, but she couldn’t because the large amount of dried blood had stuck to her socks.

That incident was a huge news in that town, her wicked had shocked the whole state. According to that incident, Li’s mother should had realized what she had done to her own daughter and the serious consequences. But she didn’t, instead the torturing had gotten worse than before in the last two year of Li’s life.

Everyone in the neighbor had talked to Li’s mother to stop her from torturing her own daughter; the state had given her many warning and funds, they had done all they can to stop the abusing, but little Li still ended up dying under her hands.
(a little reminder 1990’s law is different from today’s)

what kind of person exactly is Li’s mother? Why did she torture and abuse her own daughter?

Li’s mother name is Yan Zhi Yu, 32 year old. She worked at the shoes factory. (during that time, the law in China was one child per family. If you had another child, you will lose your job and will be unemployed for the rest of your life. Sometimes even worse, you will lose all your possessions) Li was born illegitimate. Yan decided to have Li in secretly to prevent her losing her job. Right when Li was born, she was sent to Yan’s sister-in-law. After forty days, Yan found a nanny and sent Li to the nanny. But after one year, her factory had found out about Li. Yan lost her job and she brought Li home with her.

After Yan had lost her job, she put out all her anger on Little Li. Li wasn’t even two year old when the abusing started. Because Li didn’t know how to potty train, Yan would beat her every time when Li had an accident. She would pinched Li until she bleed. Later, every time when Yan yelled or screamed, Little Li would had an accident--then Yan would beat her until she is satisfied.

She stopped feeding Li with any food or water because she taught Li to beg for food and water. She taught Li that when she wanted food she had to bring her own bowl and asked nicely “wonderful mother, Li Li is hungry or thirsty” if Li had done something that Yan didn’t approved, Li would go through a day without any food.

Li would normally get two piece of bread or a small bowl of noodle a day. She was always hungry. One time, she was outdoor playing and ran into Ms. Zhi, Li told her that she was hungry so, Ms. Zhi went to her kitchen and gave her a piece of bread. Li didn’t even had a bite of that bread when her mother came out screaming at her and threw the bread to the floor and stepped on it. She kicked Li and started cursing Ms.Zhi. Ever since, Li wasn’t allowed out of the house.

Yan would rather feed the food to her chickens than giving it to Li. Because of the hunger, Li not only begged her mother once for food and forgiveness even when she didn't do anything wrong. Li had been washing her clothes with her own hands ever since she was two year old even on a winter day. Her little hands were chapped from the icy cold water. She had to sleep in a room without any fireplace during winter with only a thin blanket. Both her parents and old brother's room had a fireplace except little Li's and they would never let her in. Everyday Li had to suffered from hunger and unimaginable tortured from her mother.

Li's father worked out of state because he had lost his job as well when the government found out about Li so he found a job out of state with very low paying. He would come home once or twice every year. He also blamed Li for the lost of his job so he didn't love Li. He didn't care for Li and neglected Little Li. He would hit and kicked Li when Li had done something that he didn't like.

When neighbors scolded Yan for her violent behavior against her daughter, she would always answered without any guilt "This is my daughter, I can do whatever I want with her!"

A woman like Yan does not deserved to be called "mother"

Poor Little Li had never had a peaceful day in her short life. She didn't even know what she had done to cause her family to mistreat or hate her. Her innocent soul~:( She had never experienced the love that she SHOULD had had!
R.I.P Su Li!!
You will be loved!

Not only this...Justice is not being served here!!

If they had taken Little Li from the family when the first incident had happened, then, Li would have been alive and didn't have to suffered. In additon, Li's mother was only sentenced to prison for seven years!

How can a mother or mothers abused their own children??
Every child deserves love and a happy childhood!
They only have one childhood. It is parents' responsiblility to provide the unconditional love for their children, if they can't, then they should not have any children until they can guaranteed a happy life for their children.

sad isnt it? i wonder why is the mother only imprisoned for 7 years. she should be locked up for at least 17 years or for her entire life. D:

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