Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i feel so ~!@#$%^&* right now. i had this awesome dream but why? why must he be there? ive already gotten over him. i mean i never even liked him, right? i just, i dont know. im really tired of all this. i dont wanna play this game anymore.

i think, this is one of the side effects for liking a non-real person for too long. what i mean is, you see my darling Joe, ive been soooo in love with him for almost 3 years now. so whats my reward for loving him for so long? nothing. because 1) we do not know each other 2) he doesnt even know i exist 3) we're from two totally different worlds 4) hes a celebrity 5) im a nobody.

how sad is that? ive been in love with a famous person for so long until i dont know how it feels to like someone real. and i think its also because in the past 2 days, my mum have been mentioning about going to that place. and hearing the name of the place gives me butterflies. gosh, i dont know whats happening to me. i keep thinking about it. and i dont know whether to be happy or sad. aaaaah, the flashback is starting again!

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MeLo♥ said...

eeyer Vian.. i know what you're saying. haiiss...

i guess we just love those celebrities too much bahh. like, they're the perfect one. until, we can't feel the same for 'normal' people cos to us, they're just not as perfect.