Tuesday, December 4, 2007


我可以blog 了。 

FINALLY. i dont know why but i couldnt seem to sign into blogger in the past week. pfft. well nothing much interesting happened anyways. todays like superly boring. i wake up everyday doing the same thing over and over again. its like i cant expect anything fun or interesting to happen to me at all. its like my thoughts are preventing me to do so. i guess it means that this hols is gonna be boring as ever )):

..................... 25th december 2007. CHRISTMAS. i so cannot wait for it to come. woooo~

not cause of the presents, though i doubt that i'll receive as much gifts as before, but the feeling of christmas is jst nice and exciting. plus, its the day our Lord Jesus Christ was born. heres a video called Do They Know Its Christmas Time. theres two versions. one is in produced in 1984 and the other is in 2004.



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