Wednesday, December 5, 2007

growing up isnt always easy

there are so many decisions to make at this time in your life
and so many changes with family and friends.
whether or not you know what you want your career to be,
looking to the future can be overwhelming.
work, school, or both take up so much time and energy
that it seems like there's little left over for fun and relaxation.
the future may not look as exciting as it once did,
and it may even look a little overwhelming at times.
the freedom that comes with adulthood also comes with a lot of responsibility.
there are even more demands on your time,
and people treat you like a child in some ways,
but expect you to act like an adult in others.
all you can do is your best.
follow your heart and use common sense,
most of all, believe in yourself and in your dreams.
you will likely have to make some sacrifices and work hard for a while,
but dreams are worth the effort.
the choices you make and they way you live your life now
will determine what your future will be.
everyday is precious,
each moment unique.
learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and the people around you.
make time to enjoy yourself,
but work hard, too.
you'll find the present and the future
can be all you could ever hope for.

- Barbara Cage

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