Wednesday, December 5, 2007


im so sickkk.

+ TODAY - daddy's really pissing me off. vallamy's kinda bugging me and mummy is plain annoying. ughhh

dont know why but i aint in the mood for anything right at the moment. it seems like the world has jst turned its back on me and everyone's against me. gahhh !
i wanna runaway from them lah. but theres ONE BIG PROBLEM. nowhere to go. blahs.
... *mind goes blank all of a sudden* you know what, today is even more boring than yesterday. i cant find any nice movies to watch at home and i cant always be seen sitting in front of the computer. i hafta be like doing sumthin or taking care/play with my sister.
at least now im freee. mummy and vallamy are like
arranging their necklaces and earrings and bracelets outside my room and daddy's downstairs watching TV. oh wait. hes coming upstairs.
*looks out of the room* ewww. daddy's like wearing mummy's earring. you know those big hoop ones. lol guys who wear that look 101% G-A-Y. yuck. and if your boyfriend ever wears that, dump him at once. HAHAHA. im jst kidding. but about the gay thingy, im serious. especially MEN that wear those. gay gay gay.
anywho, talking about these earrings jst make me ever so jealous. i mean like i dont know why but somehow i need to take special care of my newly pierced ears. ive pierced them like four times already and this one has been the most successful one so far. i THINK lah. my right one seems to be in a good condition. and that was pierced the third time. the two on my left was pierced about two months ago. not bleeding anymore but im still scared cause it still hurts abit. its so UNFAIR. daddy's ear is in superly good condition. and he hasnt worn earrings since like when he got married. and mine is like totally opposite of his. haihhh

and these days my head's like aching REAL BADLY. i guess part of the reason is me thinking too much =\

yes yes yes. its killing every single bit of me

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