Monday, December 10, 2007

and he calls me queen in a not-so-good way

daddy and i sort of played this game which started last week. its like this. me and him arent gonna talk to each other until school re-opens next year. so it'll be about a month of no communication between us at all. well, its not a game actually. i jst called it that way so it wont sound like such a bad thing. it was kinda weird for me at first but im getting used to it. he even called me queen. in a not-so-good way of course. ughh
it started when recently he got tired of me. i mean like hes always the calm one in the family you know. he doesnt like arguments and shouting around and like those are the two things i do ummm daily
*oops* so i guess he couldnt take it anymore and decided to not talk to me. mummy said she wont be able to tahan and asked me to apologize to daddy so things wont become worse. what the heck dude. im so not gonna do that. he can stand not talking to me and so can i. so thats the way it will be until next year.
but but but theres a tiny little problem. if we dont talk right, that means we're not supposed to make any physical contact with each other. right? [thats what i think lah] i don know actually cause like last weekend during mass when we're supposed to be giving peace to each other, i didnt expect to shake hands with him. and theres gonna be like about four or five more masses until we talk. and one thingy. he acts as if im invisible. like there was never a vivian in his life. lols
anyhow, even if we dont talk to each other i still can care for him hor? it aint wrong though mummy still insist that i apologize to him.

15 more days to CHRISTMAS. yeayyyy ~
i cant wait !!

oh ya. im getting more and more addicted to taiwan dramas. gosh i gotta stop this addiction. scared it'll get worse and school's like gonna re-open soon. cannot watch so much anymore. ive watched like 10+ dramas in the past two months and there are more to come next year =\

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