Sunday, November 11, 2007

busy day

it was a sorta busy day yesterday. woke up around 5.30am and changed to go jogging walking with mummy outside our house. when we came back, daddy had jst done hanging out the clothes and started to wash the car. i went in and bathed and we all got ready to go to to Gymkhana Miri, also known as was my sister's kindergarten graduation day. its so cute to see little kids dressed in those graduation clothes and the square hat thingy. lols so the programme started at about 9.00am sharp. there were performances, certificate giving as well as games. before the games, every level three student went on stage to sing a few songs. it was such a saddening moment. i couldnt help but cry when they started singing. they sang Auld Lang Syne[or howsoever you spell that song name] in english&chinese&malay and Its A Small World. there was another song i think. dont quite remember though.

vallamy and her friend, vivian.

vallamy taking the certificate from the present headmistress, Mdm Elaine Bong.

vallamy looking so cute in her graduation baju.

then in the afternoon, mummy and i went to her friend/my babysitter's daughter de saloon. i went to get some highlights and mummy washed her hair. i only highlighted like a few strands of hair nia. i was expecting it to be bright red but it turns out abit purple-ish. anyhow, it looks much prettier this way. plus the lady said the color will be brighter if i wash few more times.

reddd (:

reached home at about 3 o'clock. my cousin and his family came over. about half an hour later, my aunt came along. my cousin and i watched the 'Forbes Top 100 sumthin sumthin' on E!. they were showing the top 100 people that make the most money in one year i guess. and guess whos on number one? my cousin kept insisting that Tiger Woods would get #1 but he didnt. he earned around 100 million US dollars a year and that is still not number one. even Steven Spielberg lost to that person by earning 110 million US dollars a year. you wanna know who got #1? well, its none other than Miss Oprah Winfrey. shes like the the richest famoust person there is. from 1st June 2006-1st June 2007, she earned like 260 million US dollars throughout the year. its like wtfomfg. i cannot believe that she actually earns so much jst by having this talk show and she didnt need to play golf or football or basketball or race cars or sing or or direct movies. omg omg omg. damn shes rich. lols

the rich lady

then in the evening, we went to have dinner at dynasty hotel. actually we went to imperial but the place was booked by an army of malay ladies. lols there were at least a hundred of them there. anyways, we drove off to Cafe Rosita and ate the buffet dinner. we went home before nine and i slept after ten. well, thats about it for yesterday. will blog again some other day. byebye (:

btw, yesterday was dearest calvin's birthday. and this goes out to you.



jessie said...

Oooh..nice hair!!!
* winks *

sooee said...

aww vian, i miss kindy now T.T
i wan go bak. btw,, hehehehehe i have lots of pic of you durin kindy. muahahahaahahaha. i shud show it to the entire world one day

*very super nice hair btw*