Saturday, July 28, 2007


its been a week since my last post. *sighs* its been kinda tiring for me these days. im like being so damn lazy and i kept getting moodswings. actually i dont really got anything to say so i'll make this a short one. ummm todays a saturday. and guess where i went this morning? one clue. the place i go every morning from monday - friday. thats right. school. we had to go to school this morning. idont even know why we had to go to school today. the teacher said it was replacement for some occasion in october, but im still blur -.-" and now thrs this new rule in school. actually thrs alot more rules, but this rule is so so dontknow how to say laa. its like this, every morning before class starts thrs this roll call thingy where everyone has to gather in the school hall/field and we have to line up and take our attendances. and that is like 6.40am. aduhh. that means everyone has to be at school before that time. well for me its no problem cause i reach school early everyday. *frowns* then before class finish, we've got another roll call. again. ugh this is like making our lives so hard. i mean they jst block the gates enuff liao laa. no need to give roll call before class finishess ba. and the one before class starts, make t later laa. what if got traffic jam ler? aduhh. and ive got another two years in stjoe. how do i survive with the roll calls every single day of schooling? :(

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