Tuesday, July 17, 2007


hehe another post for today. jst wanted to say how cacat tuition was. at first it was english. everything went normal. then it was bm class. and this is where the so-called fun began. class started at 7.30pm. everyone was at their seat except for joel. he was nowhere to be seen. then i remembered him telling me that hes gone downstairs to limteh with a friend of his after english class. about half an hour later, he came in. he said that he talked until he lost track of time. we were giving this 'kertas model pmr' thingy and had to be done with it by 8.10pm. everyone did their works and the only sound that could be heard were the voices of joel and jeremy. they were talking all thru bm class. as usual laa. joel kept talking and talking and jeremy jst did his provoking. they laughed and talked and provoked so much that the teacher kept staring at them. lol then suddenly, joel sneezed. and boy, the sneeze was damn loud. i remembered once when he said that he was out with his friends and McD's and he sneezed. and the only people who didnt look at him were his friends. haha after that, they jst continued laughing and provoking people. during the last 10 minutes of tuition, joel started to arm wrestle. he was asking two guys in front of him to challenge him. and that was funny, cause he was like jumping around and shouting. and he was like 'woo hoo! noone can beat me!'. that was even funnier. you should see the way he talked jst now with that weird slang. hahaha =]

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