Tuesday, July 17, 2007


no extra classes today. so i went to renew my passport. it took us like half an hour or so. the office was damn cold. when i got thr, i had to fill those forms - which i hate so much. as i was filling em, an old lady come and asked mummy about renewing the passport. then mummy offered to help the lay fill the form. i glared at her for about 10 seconds and thought, 'ugh. why is she being so nice? so mafan laa. still need to help that auntie fill her form'. but then the lady was old. shes like 75 years old? then mummy went to queue up and i was left thr with the lady. after helping her fill the form, she took out RM2 and told me to take it. i refused but she insisted on giving it to me. she asked me to go lim teh with the money. then i jst told her that its okay and she was like 'thank you then. ure really kind, girl'. and she smiled. macam so kelien when she said that. after that i continued with the passport-making process. then we went to that cold drink stall near dewan suarah. over thr, daddy met his friend. he invited us to go mountin hiking at the museum thr later. but im kinda busy and have tuition later so we rejected his invite. hehe

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