Sunday, August 5, 2007


i jst got my computer back two days ago. haih my comp kena died last sunday. i sent it t ofix and all my stuffs were gone T.T sooo sad laa. and guess what date was last sunday. ure right. its 29th july. somehow, 29th july of every year sure got sumthin big happen to me de. its like i also dont know. well it all started in 2005. on that very day, me and him talked for the first time. as in our very first actual conversation. i could still remember the scene very clearly. we were in the school canteen at about 12+pm. i was eating lunch thr with my friends and while queue-ing up, he came to me. and he was like 'hey you stay back haa?'. well it was in chinese and he shot me with his killer-1000-watt-which-melts-my-heart-everytime-i-see-it smile. and that few seconds of talking to him was like heaven. my heart was pounding like mad that time. i even felt like crying. *sighs* but its all in my memory now. him. his smiles. they way he said hi. everything about him. when i close my eyes, i can see him. standing thr. smiling back at me. and then it was 29th july 2006. the day i cut my front hair. it was sooo ugly and my front hair wasnt straight at all. i didnt like it. i looked so weird. haha but now its okay liao laa. kinda long. but still not thataight. and finally, its 29th july 2007. the day my computer died. i was like half chatting and half doing my project when the computer became so lagged. so i switched it off and went downstairs. when i came back up to switch it on, it wouldnt start. i got worried and tried to start it like more than 30 times. and in the end, we had to send it to fix. the dude fixing the comp said it kena virus liao. so he had to reformat the whole comp. noooooo. my songs. my pictures. almost everything. all gone. haih so now, what do you think of my 29th julys? hahaha :P

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