Monday, July 16, 2007


my very first post. hmmmm hope this blog turns out as expected. hehe well todays a monday. another boring day at school. nth much happened though. jst went to school. had class like normal. then in the afternoon we're supposed to have extra class. but somehow the teacher cancelled it. and was i ever so glad about that . no extra KHB class. yeay !! so after school, i went to the canteen to eat and went to the library. when we reached the library, the first thing i did was rush to the shelf where all the school mags were put. i took like at least 20 mags from the shelf and our table was like full of em. some kids from the next table kept staring. lol it was funny cause the only thing i did was look for familiar faces and laugh at those with weird expressions. too bad the school didnt have mags from CH. it would be nice to look at all those ahbengs + ahlians :]

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