Thursday, July 19, 2007


today. hari sukan. went to school normal time. some friends came and we hung out. afterwards, we started to feel hungry. and one of them suggested that we go to brighton. we agreed and when we wanted to walk out of school, mdm su came and we asked her to drop us off thr. well the guys had to walk of course. well, we reached thr and ordered our food. the drinks came first and while i was drinking, guess who come to our table? none other than mr patrick avon. aduh. he sat beside cassandra and asked 'seronok kan?' eee.. scary ler. then mr marcus came and patted my back and said 'of all the people. why are you here?' aduhh. i cant believe he said that. hopefully they'll forget about it after sports day. and we weren't even escaping. we jst went thr to eat breakfast. and then go back to school. some other students were thr too. but those were gonna ponteng. when i was done eating, i went over to mr marcus and mr patrick and sat between them. haha then u know what mr principa lsaid to me? well this is what he said, 'girl, i want to punish ur legs for bringing u here[while stepping on my right foot]. need to remove them. u know what the bible says? if ur eyes make u sin, remove them. if ur teeth make u sin, remove them. am i right? so if ur legs make u sin, what are u going to do[while laughing]? remove them of course'. then he continued laughing again. haih so after we ate, we had to go back to school straightaway. so soi ler today. then sooo panas lagi. aduhh. it took us like more than 5 minutes to walk back. by the time we reached school, the back side of my baju was already all wet. then we jst stayed at school until 11am like that. heh what a day. well tmrw's another and i hope nth as soi as today will happen again.

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