Tuesday, October 27, 2009

super delayed tag. lol

why do you chose this photo?
because it brings back memories. memories of the past that i miss so much and really wish to go back to.
(a little cheating cause i edited a few pics and make it into one)

when is the last time you ate Pizza?
last month i think. but that time i had to share one piece with my sister.

the last song you've listened to?
光良 - 右手边

what are you doing besides answering this tag?
listening to songs and doing some english exercises.

besides your own name, how do you like ppl to call you?
ahvian. or anything nice.

do you love anyone?
yeah, i love darling Joe <3

if you were given any superpowers, what would it be?
read people's mind? yeah, that'd be cool.

do you have a brother or sister? if so, what is their name?
yeaap, a younger sister. her name's Vallamy Jane :)

what is your biggest dream?
im sure ur gonna think that its ridiculous so im not gonna tell u XD

what mobile service are you currently using?
DiGi and Celcom Xpax.

are you still studying?
for now, yes. but not anymore in about a month's time :D

what is your ambition?
*SIGH* dont wanna talk about it.

what is the closest item near you that is blue?
my pencil and towel and pencil case and blanket and mini towel. lol

when is your birthday?
12 February :D

who is the last person to text you?

what color pants are you wearing?

how much money do have in your wallet now?

pretend you’ve had 15 beers. describe what you would be doing right now?
in the toilet puking out the bitterness thats in my stomach.

do you talk to yourself?
yes. hehe

spell your name backwards.
eel naiviv.

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