Friday, October 23, 2009



Alone I sleep,
And alone I wake,
Alone I dream,
And alone I ache,

Alone I live,
And alone I cry,
Alone I think,
And alone I'll die,

Alone I try,
And alone I fall,
Alone I fail,
And alone I crawl,

Alone I break,
And alone I sit,

Alone I was,
Alone I am,
And alone I'll always be.

Michael Reynolds



I'm running from the tears,
And I'm running from the cries.
I'm running from my friends,
And I'm running from my life.

Everyone I've hurt,
And everyone whose cared.
Everyone whose tried,
And everyone whose dared.

Everything I've done,
And every time I've tried.
Everything I've said,
And every time I've cried.

As I run into the dark,
As I run from the light.
Who will guide me through?
And who will make this right?

Why should I stop?
Why should I slow down?
When all that waits for me,
Is a lonely heart that's drowned.

So who am I?
What have I become?
But a stranger in the night,
A man who is on the run.

Who will care?
And who will try?
Who will understand?
And who will just walk by?

As the rain rolls in,
And every ones in bed,
I'm out on this road,
And I'm walking straight ahead.

- Michael Reynolds

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