Saturday, October 10, 2009


aaaah, the person and country above brings back memories of 2007.
i remembered hw i was never really into chinese songs.
maybe in form 1 and 2 i did listen to a little bit of jay chou,
but not more than that.
and before i even entered form 1,
chinese songs were never my type of songs.
i'd only listen to english songs and more english songs.
lol until when Fahrenheit, 飞轮海 started becoming famous.
if not mistaken, that time X Family had jst started airing
and Hana Kimi was the hottest drama at the moment.
for all i know, Fahrenheit was in the dramas(Calvin + Aaron not in Hana Kimi).
and that time Wu Chun had opened a 2nd branch of his gym, Fitness Zone in Kiulap.
and after some blah and blah(i dont really remember),
i finally found out that i was kinda not-blood related to Wu Chun.
and and here's the exiting part(for me that is. LOL),
its because of him that i became very interested in Taiwan stuffs.
yes, i was into dramas, and songs and even tv shows.
i remembered after PMR, i started watching Taiwan dramas
and in the 3 months holiday, i managed to watch more than 10 dramas.
that time, i remembered having this determination to watch all the dramas Fahrenheit have acted in.
eventhough i failed, i succeeded to watch the ever famous It Started With A Kiss, 恶作剧之吻。
oh and that was when i came to know about darling Joe <3
since then, i never took my eyes off him.
yeap yeap, i was superly addicted to him
and im proud to say that i still am :D
well i guess part of the reason i wanted to write this post
is jst to show hw i came to love my darling Joe sooooo much. ^^
and one thing, ive been loving him for exactly 2 years le.
hehehehehe ;)

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