Monday, October 19, 2009

RON95 & RON97

now i know the difference.
between 95 and 97 that is.
last night, i went to refill the petrol.
i was thinking of finding for RON97
since ive been using RON95 for so long
and i kinda miss using the old petrol.
but i was kinda in a hurry
as i was almost late for church.
so i jst went to the nearest petrol station
and went to pump some oil.
but who knows, the moment i drove into the petrol station
i saw the word "RON97".
wooots, thank God it was available there.
gosh, ive been searching for it since last month.
and i heard that only CKS + Petronas beside Columbia Asia got?
the i one i went to was beside Poliklinik(is that hw u spell?) thr.

well, my main point is that RON97 is definitely much better.
when my right foot press on the accelarate thingy,
the car jst speeds up and in seconds,
it goes up to 60, 70, then 80km/h and so forth.
i remember when i was using RON95,
whenever i step on the accelerate thingy,
the engine will sure make a weird loud sound
and it'll take a much longer time to reach speed up.
but hor, both petrol masih very "makan minyak" lor.

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