Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Set Free.

its a day after Fr Stan's Youth Rally.
& im missing it sooooooo much right now.
u know, the past 3 days have been friggen awesome :D

so the Rally started on Sunday and ended yesterday.
had lots and lots of fun in these 3 days.
thank God i decided to go this year ah.
if not, sure my Raya holidays will be super boring.
i saw many2 familiar faces there too.
guess this rally was a success.
if not mistaken, more than 800 people attended the rally leh.
plus those from Limbang and Bintulu that is.
is it cool or is it very cool? haha
and this time, there was a healing service on the 2nd night.
during that night, it really got me thinking(and crying) alot
and its that moment that i could actually let go of the burdens and sadness
and sing and cry my heart out.
there was this Limbang girl who got possessed also(i think)
and started to growl at everyone and throw chairs.
then another girl from idk where was so full of the HS that she kept on dancing.
there was also mass from the first until the last day of the rally.
and the concert was really good too.
not forgetting about his talks as well, ahh those were the best.
from his talk about us being unique to chastity to being set free.
there were quite alot of questions asked too.
and most of the questions were plain funny.
one of the funniest question asked was "can married couples have sex once a month?"
and also "is it a sin to spurt semen after waking up from a nightmare?"
hahahahahahaa it was really funny pls.
even Father was laughing his "Bible" off. LOL

honestly, i have been thinking ALOT about the rally since it ended.
i miss the talks, the singing, laughing, the father and practically everything.
and this year was way more awesome-r than last year.
part of the reason was because i got to SHAKE HANDS WITH FR STAN.
*screams like a mad die-hard fan of the father*
and i also shook hands with my so called "son".
hahaha he even mentioned my name leh.
that time i almost flew up to the sky
and no, im not exaggerating at all. lol
not much pictures were taken though
cause i was focusing on the rally too much to take pics :P

pps: i miss the rally + concert.
ppps: any kind human would like to sponsor Fr Stan to come again next year?
pppps: i miss my son too ;)

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