Monday, September 7, 2009

yes, its Zheng Yuan Chang Day today!
if not mistaken, the above pic should be his EP cover.
Hit FM (Taiwan's rado channel which i suppose isnt available here)
will be airing his songs every now and then from today until 9th September(i think).
but his album will officially be out on 25th September.

*SIGH* i want his album toooooooo!
doubt that it'll be sold here anytime soon
or maybe it wont even be available in Miri.
and guess what?
early birds will get to have exclusive an 3D mouse pad or a 2010 calendar!
those who live in Taiwan who will be attending his preorder signing event
will also be getting a small size personal intimate(thats whats written on the net) poster.
ishh, very jealous of those Taiwanese girls pls.

but still, i wanna congratulate him for this is his very first album
i can see that hes been working real hard for the past few months working on this.
and i jst wanna say(IF you happen to come across my blog, which is actly 0.001% impossible),
"Congrats! and all the best in everything. 加油!加油!加油!"


renaye said...

wow.the singer is gorgeous looking.

ahviann said...

yeah, he is. :)