Thursday, September 24, 2009

big bowl challenge.

its been two days since the rally.
*SIGH* i really miss it lor.
i miss all the singing and laughing.
i miss leaving behind all my hurt and attend the rally with a happy heart.
i miss being who i was in that three days.

i think im starting to become the usual me again.
yes, that means im back to thinking alot
and feeling very down(on the inside) again.
gosh, when will these feelings ever go away?
eventhough i do feel that im much happier now,
part of me will always be the same i guess.

anyways, i went to Sushi King for lunch today.
while taking orders,
i noticed a leaflet thingy on the table.
i took it and saw that its the eating challenge.
the one where they serve you a huge bowl of either udon or soba
then you gotta finish it within 10 minutes so its totally FOC.
BUT if you dont, then you gotta pay RM38.80 for it.
so yeah, after thinking and thinking and thinking
i decided to order it and give it a try
since the promotion ends on 30th Sept and its cool to try it bah rite? :P
so when my super huge bowl of udon arrived,
the waitress took out a bell and a big timer.
the moment she pressed start,
i had to hurriedly push everything in the bowl down my throat.
boy, was it hard cause the soup was really hot(hot as in panas) and its very sweet too.
halfway through, i almost puked cause the udon was very "mian"
and the soup was starting to taste disgustingly sweet and a little sour O__O
and right when i was about to finish half of the udon,
daddy went to stopped the timer thingy and said in Chinese,
"better dont play anymore lah. later u get sick ah and it tastes very geli lah".
that time, there was only 3 minutes left
and there is no way i could finish it up in jst 3 minutes.
there was so much udon left and i had to finish all the soup too eh.
gosh, i think hor, i wont be eating udon anytime soon lor.
im getting sick because of it. :\

this is before i started eating.

daddy took away some of the remaining udon liao so left quite little. lol

ps: so far only 2 dudes managed to pass this challenge.

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