Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ive been having sushi for 3 days straight last weekend.
starting from Thurs, i went to Sushi King(blogged about it already)
then Friday i went out with some friends and went to Sushi King again.
and on Saturday, *drum rolls loudly*
i went to EXCAPADE!
after sooooo long, i finally had the chance to go there.
like omg, its been 2 months?
i seriously miss the food there.
and seriously, its like 10 times better than SK.
but that time i wasnt very hungry so didnt order much.
BUT HOR, i got order my favorite Salmon Sashimi lor
and its more than enough le :)


idk whats been happening to me lately.
ive been having crazy mood swings
and even the tiniest thing can piss me off.
not only that, going to school also no mood.
see the same faces everyday also very sien.
day by day, i become lazier and lazier
and all i want to do is sleeeep.
become sleeping beauty also can
so i can sleep for 100 years
*thats written in books. is it true? cause in the cartoon she only sleep for less than a day. lol
and i wont be having any "fan nao" when im sleeping.
*sigh* im very tired of everything. :(

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ahem` said...

i want excapade toooo!