Thursday, September 10, 2009

hate people like this.

wth is wrong with people nowadays?
they never seem to notice the sign board at the side of the road
gosh, i hate it when sometimes people drive so slowly at the wrong lane.
did they not learn about this while listening to law?
or are they so blind to not see it?
or is it that they absolutely do not care at all?
i do admit that im not a very cautious driver
and im sometimes very careless too,
but at least i do not make other people's life harder than it already is.
take this morning for example,
i was rushing to school as i was already late after feeding my car with petrol.
at first everything was fine when i went to pick my cousin up
until when i reached somewhere around Boulevard?
even before going on the fly over i could see many people driving oh so slowly.
whats worse, they were driving on the right lane, which is the fast lane
and i could see a Kancil overtaking at least 6 or 7 cars
from before until after going on the fly over.
not only that, those slowpokers(got such word?) were driving on both lanes.
so yeah, i didnt have the chance to overtake them
only somewhere until Suncity did those people disappear from my view.
grrr i hate how these people are so inconsiderate most of the times.
i mean when you see someone speeding behind,
you should at least make way and drive to the side to let the person overtake.
but no, some people are jst so degil(whats that word in english ah?)
and they jst drive like the road belongs to them or theyre the only car on the road.
ughh blogging about these people jst makes me so mad.
and i still have to drive to and back from tuition later :\


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