Friday, July 8, 2011

time slows down;

so my results were released two days ago and i almost got the biggest shock of my life. i actually passed all four units! i mean, i was so so worried about my b law. i really thought i was gonna fail or something and i kept telling God that i wanna pass. oh gosh, it was a miracle that my b law actually got higher than my management. LOL although i'm not really satisfied with my results, at least i passed. that's all that matters now.

& the next semester is gonna start soon. another week and two days to go. i can't wait. this time, i really wanna work hard to get as high as i can for my internals and work harder for my finals. one last chance for me to score before entering year two where everything starts to become even more difficult. hopefully everything's gonna be fine and that we'll all be in the same class again. this is like my last chance of ever being classmates with my foundation buddies. & this is saddening. if i had taken finance instead of public relations, then i might just have the chance to be classmates with everyone. like seriously, everyone. from june all the way until jane. but sadly, i've chosen to take another major just because i don't have the confidence to take up finance. my maths is really bad and i'm afraid that i might fail. besides, i don't think econs is that easy to study as well. :(

but i don't wanna think about all these first. i just wanna focus on what's happening now. i wanna make the most of the remaining days of my holidays and enjoy every moment with my classmates in campus. i want this to be a great semester, i wanna make my last sem with them a great one to remember. :)

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