Sunday, July 17, 2011

class begins tomorrow!

class starts in less than 24 hours! i'm excited and nervous at the same time! lol i seriously cannot believe that one semester went by just like that. & my five week break ended in a blink of an eye. time is really going by too fast. if only it's possible to slow time down. or even better, add another six hours to each day so there'll be 30 hours in a day. wouldn't it be great? then i'll be able to spend more time in campus with my friends and also more time to sleep and study! LOL as if i'll study when there's no exams huh? :P

but still, like i've mentioned before, i want this to be the best semester of my life. i wanna spend as much time with my friends as possible before separating from them next year. oh and one thing, we're classmates again this sem! except for mavis, wenyi and jane that is. :( but it's okay cause the three of them have marketing as one of their majors. so i guess i'll be seeing them once in each of the coming semesters until i graduate. lol

anyways, i'll have to wake up early everyday again starting from tomorrow. awww. and my class ends at 5pm every monday! gosh, class end so late and i'm the only person having that lecture out of all my friends since i've got a different major from everyone else. ah well, really hope that this semester won't be so tough on me. i can't promise that i'll work really hard but i will try. so yeaaa, wish me luck people. oh and pray for me too! :)

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