Monday, July 18, 2011

sem two!

first day of class was idk how to say. met some unexpected people in some of my classes. it's been a pretty long day and all i can say is that i'm exhausted! there's gonna be only two lectures tomorrow and i hope that everything will turn out okay. not gonna expect anything but i'll be hoping for the best! oh and one thing, i'm gonna be really busy as this is a tough semester. all of a sudden, i feel that last semester was much better than this and funny thing is, today is only the first day of class and i'm already saying things like this. what's more, last sem was kinda tough for me dy. so you can imagine how much worse it'll be for me this semester. :/

but whatever it is, i'll try to study and work harder to strive for better results. i just hope my laziness will go away and make me stop procrastinating. i seriously do not wanna just pass my exams. i want at least a distinction in half of the total units i'm taking this semester.

p/s: to the people reading this, happy monday & have an awesome week ahead! :)

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