Friday, July 15, 2011

jay chou!

i just discovered the awesomest thing! jay chou wants to get married within three years! LOL i know it may seem lame to most of you but who cares, i'm in love with jay chouuuu! & i also know what many people dislike him for idk what reasons but i wanna know, what's there to dislike?

anyways, he says he wants to get married within three years. by then, he'll be like 35 already. very ngam for me cause i'll be graduating in three years! apart from his ideal girl being gentle, listens to him and loves his songs, he also mentioned that a girl aged 18 or 20 suits his current mental age the most and y'know what? i'm 19! ngam daoooo. and did i mention that he just converted to christianity? yes folks, he's a christian now! isn't that the greatest thing ever? well for me, it definitely is!

oh gosh, i think i'm falling deeper in love with him now. awww. imagine if i really marry him. *starts to laugh like a lunatic in front of the pc* i'll be the luckiest person in the world if i really do get to marry him. of course, this is more than impossible. there's zero probabilty of me even getting to meet him , what more to say know and marry him? *slaps myself in the face* i better wake up from this dream of mine. but still, i'm gonna love him. until the day he decides to actually marry some ordinary girl. HAHA. but before we even jump to that, listed below are some of the reasons why i love and wanna marry him. :P

1. he's jay chou!
2. i love his songs!
3. i love love love his voice!
4. he plays the piano! and other instruments as well!
5. he's superly cute!
6. i love to see him smile!
7. he's a filial son!
8. he listens to his mummy!
9. he's a christian now!
10. love doesn't need a reason. ;)

so yeaaa, 10 reasons why i love him. LOL and i was browsing through his pictures when i found some pictures of him taken while he's filming and y'know what? he's got a new hairstyle! he looks so man now with his muscles and sideburn. omg *drools*

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