Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just a Dream Cover/Remix (Nelly) - Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

i'm seriously in love with this version of the song. ♥ and i never knew Joseph Vincent could be so hot and he has such a beautiful voice. even Jason's voice isn't that nice XD not to say that his voice is bad but Joseph sounds much better. and you know what? the whole time watching the video, it's like my eyes only focused on Joseph. only before and after the song did i notice Jason. and if you watch the end of the video, you can see the height difference between those two right? let me ask you this. do you think Jason is short or is Joseph tall? HAHA.

p/s: the original version is good too but this is so much better :P


candy apples said...

Omg I hadn't seen this video of Joseph Vincent yet! I looove his voice! I think Jason's just short... haha I don't know, but Joseph doesn't seem THAT tall..

Nice blog btw ;)


♥ V said...

yeaaaaah, joseph's got an amazing voice. lol and yes, i think jason's short too. XD

btw, thanks :)