Friday, October 22, 2010

I OVERSLEPT. there. enough said.

and the bad thing is that i've wasted four hours facebook-ing and sleeping. two hours last night was wasted on facebook and two hours this morning on sleeping. you know, i set my alarm to 4am and i woke up only at 6am. i mean, i did hear my alarm ring, i even went to the toilet to pee and drank some water. i was awake but i wasn't feeling so well so i went back to sleep. who knew that the next time i opened my eyes, it was already two hours later. lol

anyways, i'll be going to campus again today. got lots of stuffs to do. and i'll be attending Foad's C++ II lecture :DD kinda really looking forward to it cause i seriously have no idea what programming is about. it's a one hour lecture anyways so hopefully it'll be fun. gonna sit with Siew and her classmates later.

oh and one thing, i had a weird dream last night. lots of things happened but the main thing is this, YOU CAME BACK. i was like wtheck, you really came back? but good thing was that we didn't meet each other face to face. i was like driving in the car and you were outside. but still, why did you appear in my dream? is it because i've been thinking too much? or like what people always say "the reason why you dream about a certain person is because they want to see you". but i don't think that's possible lor. *sigh

so yeah, i'm off to do my accounting project which i was supposed to wake up at 4am to do just now. OMG.

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