Tuesday, October 26, 2010

assignments due :(

i haven't been blogging lately because i'm friggin busy. i have so much things due this friday yet i'm still so lazy. it's like the busier i am, the lazier and sleepier i become. why oh why must i be lazy? isn't there any cure for laziness? D: you know, i have like two assignments due this friday, one worksheet(something like quiz) on thursday which i haven't got time to study for at all and also two presentations next monday and tuesday. fyi, i'm unprepared for them too. gosh hope i can make it through until next week. and after all those are over, i finally settle down and prepare for my final exams in less than a month. :\

lol so anyways, i just wanted to quickly update my blog so it doesn't seem so dead. LOL so yeah, do click on THIS when you're free or feeling down or just feeling unloved. :)

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