Thursday, February 11, 2010

today we went snaking again.
like yesterday my lunch time was 12.30pm until 2.45pm
why 5 minutes earlier than the previous day?
its cause my mum called halfway through snakingshopping.
wtf she called and asked why i wasnt at my "station"
and where i was and what i was doing. *kantoi*
hahaha but it was okay,
mdm yong was good enough to tell them i was inside cause its burning hot outside.
hehehehehehe :P
oh and i get to see my white horse prince also today.
lately, hes been appearing very often.
more like, everyday and every night.
woooots, im sure my last few days here will be very meaningful.
and the best part is, ive been watching my white horse prince for more than an hour.
yeaaah, from around 8.30pm until around 10pm?
BUT hor, there was this very awkward moment just now.
cause i was like talking to Janat at first,
then Ami called out to me saying he was there.
so i walked(quite fast) over and stood there to watch.
within seconds, at least 5 or 6 of them came over to my place
and started clapping hands and wooing here and there.
apuuuu, then they all like turn to me and gosh MERAH MUKA SAYA.
very very very paiseh pls.
thank goodness the guys outside didnt know what was going on. :\
another sad thing is that i didnt get to talk to him at all.
instead, i got to talk to the boss. wth =.=

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