Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another great day today.
my lunch time was stretched from 12.30pm all the way until 2.50pm.
how come so long?
one work, SNAKE :P
hahahaha yeaap, thats what we've been doing lately.
snaking here and snaking there.
woooots, now everyone's snaking too.
(i dont think its because of me lor :P)

its been really very fun these few days.
and and i get to see both my black and white horse prince!
eventhough i dont talk to the white one,
at least i still can stand/sit there and watch him work.
whereas the black one,
we do talk to each other.
and lately, hes been coming down so i can see him more often.
whats more, he speaks english!
i know its nth special but hes like the only person there who speaks to me in english.
for the past month, ive only spoken chinese and malay
no english at all until he started to appear lately.
ahh, somehow i get quite nervous when we talk.
i couldnt even speak properly but at least he understood what i said.
everytime he grabbed my hand, i'll have this tingly feeling
and idk, i just love talking to him. :D

anyways, everything is gonna end in two days.
OMG i really really really 舍不得 everything lah.
so much have happened in the past month,
i just dont want it to end so fast. T_T

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