Monday, February 1, 2010

busy busy busy.
afternoon shift today.
2 more hours to go until i leave the house
and ive still got so much to do =.=
aaaaah, my hair is so ugly!
i hate my ugly hair.
i wanna get it done
but im jst too busy with work.
whats worse, CNY is in 2 weeks.
i mana ada time oh? T_T
and i still got some things not yet buy lagi.
ish ish, hope next monday i'll get to buy everything lor.

EH, i just realized that CNY is next sunday. WTH
apuuuu, today already 1st february. @@
10 more days until my last day,
11 more days until my birthday,
13 more days until CNY!
LOL i feel so blur right now :|

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