Sunday, November 22, 2009

mass at indoor stadium

its that time of the year again.
the time where all Catholics gather at the Indoor Stadium for Mammoth Mass.
but this time, its extra special.
why? its cause of the HLI ASPAC held in Miri this year.
many priests from other countries joined
and also the nuns and speakers of the congress.

speaking of this thingy,
im actly kinda really mad lor.
i mean, the timing for all these(for me) is very wrong.
the congress is held when my finals have jst started.
so ive missed out on whole thing.
ive also missed out on spending more time with those people.
gosh, daddy was one of the drivers
and i couldve helped if i didnt have to sit for any exams.
i really 错过了 this once in a lifetime chance lor.

ps: i miss them!

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