Monday, November 9, 2009


saw this cute gay couple at Boulevard the other day.
they were in the hypermarket and walked to err "Cindy" looking for hair clips.
awww, theyre so in love <3

LOL anyways, sth interesting happened this morning.
i was downstairs studying and watching tv.
well, i studied and rested and continued to study and rest again.
so while resting, i went to watch tv.
all of a sudden, my phone rang.
nobody called la, it was a text message.
my usual message tone goes like this -- >"Hi sweety, text message".
the funny thing is my phone kinda got jammed when receiving the message.
so from what i heard, my message tone sounded like "Hi sweety, text message (pause) bitch".
it was like soooooo omfg la.

ps: im going to school tomorrow.
pps: i know i know, like, finally rite? ehehehehe

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