Wednesday, November 11, 2009

do you know?

the weird guy with the binoculars is back.
this morning while in the living room i heard my dogs bark.
when i looked out, i saw half a head and a binocular. @@
i almost freaked out. lol
ive seen him once before, a few months back i think.
but then, it turns out that the man is one of the sesco people.
i remember seeing him for the first time,
he went around the neighborhood looking into people's houses.

oh and my room stinks!
idk but i think sth's wrong with the aircond.
dont know when the aircond man is coming
but for all i know, i'll be sleeping with only a stand fan tonight.
gosh, i hope the fugly smell would go away soon
cause its getting really hot in here :\

btw, im really really tired.
im tired of all this drama
and i think im gonna get sick very soon.

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