Monday, November 16, 2009

16th Human Life International(HLI) Asia Pacific Congress(ASPAC)

The 16th Human Life International(HLI) Asia Pacific Congress(ASPAC) is to be held in Miri this year from 19th-21st November 2009.
and the closing mass will be the usual Mammoth mass at indoor stadium on the 22nd.

"the objective of the congress is “bringing about a transformation of culture” from the prevailing trend in the modern society with regards to faith, life and family. the theme of the congress is Walk in the Light. HLI is an NGO promoting “Faith, Life and Family” and to defend the sanctity of life and family around the world according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through prayer, service and education as a non-profit, educational apostolate, HLI takes a total approach to life issues from the moment of natural fertilization to the moment of natural death."
for more info about the congress, CLICK HERE.


a group of more than 20 of them, i think, arrived last night.
and daddy was one of the transport personnel so he had to go and pick them up at the airport.
since i had nothing to do and wanted to see those people, i decided to tag along.
well, the group that we went pick were mostly from Philippines.
supposedly, they should be arriving at 9.50pm
but their flight was somehow delayed and the plane landed almost an hour later.
so everyone arrived and they all started greeting each other and talking and stuff.
Dr. Ligaya(she came here before, in July to give a talk at church and my sch) called us "beautiful people who sacrificed for them".
aww, how sweet of her :D
after all that, we had to send them to the home stay.
three sisters followed our car and on the way to the home stay,
they kept asking questions about our country and learned a few malay words too.
at the home stay, we helped them check in, take their luggages to their room
and when everything was done, it was already midnight.
within 15 minutes of reaching home, the electricity went off.
at first the light in my room started going on and off and on and off
and i thought the bulb was gonna explode or sth.
who knew, it suddenly went *pooof* and i was in total darkness.
but thank God the electricity came back at around 1am.

and today, sth awesome happened.
so me, Michelle, Tracy and Evelyn decided to go opposite CH thr to limteh.
Pascal, Hii, Dexter and Hisyam tagged along too.
yeah, 8 ppl in my car, and 6 of them is sitting behind.
so we went to Seng Seng Cafe since the noodle house wasnt opened yet.
at around 7.45am, Pascal's mum came and the boys went off.
about 10 minutes later we drove to the noodle house as it was already opened.
as i walked into the cafe, i saw the sisters and fathers having their breakfast there.
*cute Fr. Ronnie was there too! :P
it was great cause they remembered me and they even remember my name.
LOL the sister was like "hi bibian(pronounced bi-bi- ahn), selamat pagi".
haha they kept repeating the malay words that i taught them last night.
wooooots, i feel so proud. LMAO!
then then, here is the awesome part.
so i sat down with the girls and ordered our food.
then the sister came over to me and asked me if i prayed the Rosary and if im Catholic.
i told her yes and guess what? she gave me this little Rosary bracelet!
omg i was so shocked and speechless :O
she told me that its a present from them and asked the father to bless it and gave it to me.
like omg la, sooooooo 感动 pls T___________T
here is the picture that i took just now.
(it looks prettier if u see it with ur naked eyes)

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