Saturday, August 22, 2009

life is hard.

sometimes we all tend to complain alot.
and one of the most common overused phrase is "LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!" right?
but have you ever thought about the less fortunate?
the ones whose life are really unfair?
im very sure that everyone's answer is no.
why not try this.
for everytime you feel like complaining, think of those people
and maybe you'll think twice before complaining next time.
well, im gonna share with you all this email i received quite long ago.
but ive received this mail few times before
and everytime i read it,
the tears jst seem to fall uncontrollably.
*SIGH* if one day i became super rich,
i'll definitely fly to Africa to visit those kids.

1 comment:

kimfour9 said...

yeah i agree wit u..some people doesnt feel satisfied and they want more and more...always complaining...but its our human nature to eager for me...human will never satisfy wit wat they have until they hav died..
ps: love to read your blog..