Wednesday, August 12, 2009

add maths test this morning.
yes, i spent more than 3/4 of the time resting/daydreaming.
lol i didnt even study for it.
last night i had a little headache and slept earlier than the past 2 days.
then this morning i set my alarm to around 4.15am so i'd get up to study.
well, i did wake up when my alarm rang
BUT i went back to sleep for a while and who knew my "a while" became 1 hour plus.
when i woke up(2nd alarm ringing), it was already almost 5.30am =.=
so yeah, i didnt have time to study at all.
then yesterday, also quite unlucky lor.
around 10 minutes after exam started my phone rang.
i totally forgot that i un-silent-ed(got such word?) my phone in the car that morning.
omg thank God Miss Drina didnt take my phone away.

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