Tuesday, August 11, 2009


the haze is becoming worse each day.
and my ability to breathe properly is also getting worse.
can someone jst sing the raining song so it'll rain for 40 days and 40 nights?
yes, im that desperate.

you know, every morning i wake up smelling smoke everywhere
and every morning i open my front door seeing smoke everywhere.
i even heard from my classmates saying Miri's API(Air Pollution Index) is >200%

sorry for the blurry pic cause my phone's camera quality isnt that good(only 2MP).
borrowed Mdm Sharuliza's newspaper jst now during exam
and this(the pic above) caught my eye.
it says in the picture that Sarawak(as of today 11/08/09),
its gonna be hazy from morning until night. omg
if this hatehaze goes on any longer,
all the citizens of Miri will be having health problems even before Raya.
and the hospitals will be crowded with people everyday
and doctors will become richer,
whereas us patients will become poorer.
gosh, what an unpleasan sight it will be then.

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